Debra L. Greim

Pioneer #11, Pine Cone #26

District Deputy Grand Matrons

Brenda L. Hall

Lunar #126

Grand Sentinel

Grand Conductress

Richard A. Farnsworth, III
Emblem: Candle
Scripture: Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.

​                                              Matthew 5:14-16

Brett Jervis

Lakeside #60, Pine Cone #26

Grand Representatives

Alabama - Alfred McKay 
Alberta - TBA
Arizona - TBA
Arkansas - Jon Thompson
Australia - TBA
Bolivia - Sally Fowler
British Columbia/Yukon - Bruce Look 
California - Viola Richardson
Colorado - TBA
Connecticut - Julia Bennett
Delaware - TBA
Dist. of Columbia - Betty Snively 
Florida - Susan Gaines, PGM
Georgia - Collette Lowe

Idaho - Judith Levasseur
Illinois - Gueneth Johnson
Indiana - Sylvia Joy
Iowa - Cynthia Kimball
Italy - TBA 
Kansas - Wendy Anderson 
Kentucky - Debra Healy
Louisiana - Richard Hanson
Manitoba - Nancy Jacobs
Maryland - Patty Carter 
Massachusetts - Ernest Pinkham
Michigan - Kim Pettengill
Minnesota - TBA
Mississippi - Nancy Moll
Missouri - Rebeccat Thompson 
Montana - Dennis Leight
Nebraska - Hallie Baker 
Nevada - Brends Hopkins
New Brunswick -  Eleanor West
New Hampshire - TBA
New Jersey - Sonia MacLeod
New Mexico - Emma McFarland
New York - Linda Eldridge
North Carolina - Sally Jones 
North Dakota - Daniel Henton
Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island - Amanda Carr 
Ohio - Marla Blake
Oklahoma - Catherine Luce
Ontario - Ted Russell
Oregon - Ruth P. Holden
Pennsylvania - Rebekah Higgins
Puerto Rico - Kathy Williamson
Quebec - Phyllis Greim 
Rhode Island - Christopher Ferguson
Sao Paulo, Brazil - Barbara Fournier
Saskatchewan - David Eaton
Scotland - Nancy Gilman
South Carolina - Carlton Hodge 
South Dakota - Christie Littlefield
Tennessee - Diane Curtis
Texas - Elaine Jillson
Utah - Sue Watson
Vermont - Blair Watson 
Virginia - Norma Manning 
Washington - Stuart Smith
West Virginia - Wendy Eaton
Wisconsin - Annie Babb
Wyoming - Gary Cookson

Grand Secretary

Norma J. Manning

Corner Stone #193

Donald  R Wood

Pythagorean #169

Vincent  D. Noonan Minerva #74

Roberta A. Coates 

​Corner Stone #193

Worthy Grand Patron

Grand Esther

Grand Ruth

Associate Grand Conductress

Associate Grand Matron

Patricia A. Bishop

Tuscan #148, Millwee #198

Rheanne E. Frost

Mt. Zircon #142, Jefferson #89
 PO Box 459
     Peru, Maine 04290
Phone: (207) 562-4523

Grand Martha

District Seven   Rachel C. White, Queen Esther #11  (top)

Special Assistants

Grand Warder

Grand Chaplain

Heather E. Stewart 

Pondicherry #192

Richard A. Farnsworth, Jr. Alcyone #71

Grand Treasurer

Grand Adah

David M. Cole 

​Deering #59

​​Grand Marshal

Grand Electa

Grand Organist

 Lee-Ann Vokey 

​Deering #59

​Annie E. King, PGM, a Hummingbird for the Most Worthy Grand Matron; F. Richard King, PGP, Member of the Credentials Committee; Norma F. Crabtree, PGM, Member of the Eastern Star Journal Committee; Edwin A. DeWitt, PGP, Member of the Shriners Charities Committee; Newell H. Farrington, PGP, Member of the Youth Committee; Charles H. Cobb, PP, an Eagle for the Most Worthy Grand Patron

Rebecca S. Bibber, PGM Deering #59

Worthy Grand Matron

TheDreams Can Come True

2017-2018 GrandFamily

Grand Chapter of Maine

Order of the Eastern Star

Lynette E. Ramsey

Machias #83

Flora M. Stack

Abenaki #116

Catherine J. Wood

Pythagorean #169

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Lucille A. Nanos

Corner Stone #193

​​Theme: All Our Dreams Can Come True
              If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them

Colors: Sapphire Blue, Topaz Yellow, Diamond White, Emerald Green and Ruby Red
Honor Stations: Electa and Organist
Motto: Love One Another
Flowers: Red and Yellow Roses
Emblem: Poodle
Scripture: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God                                                                                                                                    Matthew 5:9

Associate Grand Patron

​District One     Joyce Duross-Ouellette, Annette #184     
District Two     Pamela J. Barrows, Corner Stone #193     
District Three     Heather I. H. Ellsmore, Pondicherry #192     
District Four     Linda E. Gray, Electa #2     
District Five     Barbara E. Robinson, Mountain View #197     
District Six     Janet M. Bagnulo, Oppalunski #125     
District Eight     Alice M. Stinson, Fireside #103     
District Nine     Beverly L. Noonan, Minerva #74     
District Ten     Greta J. Bickford, Beacon #202     
District Eleven     Norma H. Clark, Grace #93     
District Twelve     Teresa M. Potvin, Primrose #152     
District Thirteen     Rhonda L. Russell, Felicity #195     
District Fourteen     Rebecca J. Atwater, Alcyone #71     
District Fifteen     Gayle A. Sprague, Machias #83     
District Sixteen     Felicia D. Wiswell, Millwee # 198     
District Seventeen     Nancy J. Black, Aldworth #39     
District Eighteen     Candace S. McKellar, Molunkus Valley #95     
District Nineteen     Barbara G. Perkins, Lunar #126    

Mary E. Zimmerman

Sarah Orne Jewett #176

Judith S. Getchell

Almeda #149, Aldworth #39

General Grand Chapter Committee Members

Lorena M. Fenlason

Millwee #198